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Floral Preservation Specialists

Our Work

We'll help you hold on to the cherished moments in your life. 

In these moments, celebrating with beautiful flowers and arrangements bring deep meaning to each event. lunarBLOOM preserves your flowers so they bloom day and night, for a lifetime. We provide floral preservation for weddings, baby showers, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, memorials, and any event. We can create timeless keepsakes you can hold onto for years to come!


lunarBLOOM  preserves these meaningful florals by placing them in resin to create an art piece you can appreciate forever. We have been working to perfect our preservation techniques since 2020 and are able to preserve both fresh and previously dried flowers.


We are a proudly local business blooming in the heart of Southern Manitoba, Canada. We are currently only accepting flowers via local drop off at this time.

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