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How Does the Process Work?

Once received, your flowers will go through inspection and will be cataloged and entered into our drying process. The flowers and greenery will be put into silica gel to remove all moisture for initial preservation. Flowers must be dried as any moisture will cause the flowers to mold. After this process, we will consult with you to design your keepsake based on your layout preferences. The design will then be put into the final step to be preserved in resin. More process info here.

Turn around time is on average 4-5 months once we receive your flowers.

Please note: Custom-made orders are NOT eligible for refunds or returns.

Can All Flowers be Preserved?

There are certain blooms that do not preserve as well as others, or at all.

We are not able to preserve the following flowers and can use faux or silk flowers in place if desired:

  • Calla lilies

  • Certain tropical flowers and leaves (contact us for more details)

  • All succulents

  • Hypericum Berries (the berries turn black when dried)

Some flowers preserve beautifully but are just a bit more sensitive to normal wedding day wear and shipment. These include:

  • Anemones

  • Dahlias

  • Poppies

  • White flowers (may show bruising/transparent spots)

Please note: We can only preserve flowers in the condition we receive them, take care to follow all shipping/drop off instructions to ensure your flowers arrive safe and sound.

Will My Flowers Look the Same After Drying?

The process of drying or removing the moisture from the flowers allows them to maintain their shape and, in most cases, their colour. There are certain colours/flowers that will dry to a different shade when all water is removed from them.

  • Red flowers almost ALWAYS dry darker than their original colour. Some dry almost black in colour so best to keep this in mind when selecting flower colours.

  • White flowers can turn more of a cream colour.

  • Some dyed flowers can have dye that leaks/mixes in with the resin.

  • Lilies and orchids dry paper thin and can look see through.

  • Flowers can also have “bruising” which causes translucent spots on the petals. This bruising is only visible when put into resin. Bruising occurs through the use and handling of the bouquet/arrangement throughout the event day.

What Happens to the Flowers Not Used in My Order?

Unless specifically requested, we DO NOT ship unused, dried flowers back to you. You are able to request they be shipped back to you for a separate fee ($10) and they will be sent in a separate package to ensure they are not crushed by your keepsake art piece. We will only use the most beautiful and healthy flowers for your final art piece.

How Do I Care for My Keepsake Resin Piece?

Use a lintless cloth to dust/remove fingerprints and keep it looking its very best. Avoid bright windows and direct sunlight/heat on your piece for optimal protection. Over time, all resin will age and get an amber-antiqued colour to it. Keep your piece out of direct sunlight and heat to help delay this process.


The change in colour will not affect your flowers in any way and gives the piece a vintage look. We work with a specialized resin that includes UV protection in it to help delay this aging process. No matter the artist or resin, we cannot stop this yellowing from happening over time.

Do You Accept Flowers Shipped from Outside of Manitoba, Canada?

At this time we are not able to accept flowers shipped to us, only drop off option available in Southern Manitoba at this time. Drop off locations include, St. Malo, Winnipeg, Beausejour, and Selkirk. Please inquire if you are outside these areas and cannot drop off your bouquet to see if we can arrange an alternative pickup.


If you are located outside of Manitoba, Canada we can arrange to recreate your bouquet with one of our local trusted florists and design your keepsake piece from these replica flowers.

Dried Flower Appearance
How Does the Process Work
Can All Flowers be Prserved
Unused Flowers
Care Tips for your Keepsake
Can I Ship my Flowers to you

If your flowers are already starting to wither, this is how they will be preserved as we cannot turn back time. Every flower is different and unique and may create different results than predicted. All sales after payment are final.

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