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The Process

Yay! You've decided to preserve your beautiful flowers forever!  We can preserve both fresh and pre-dried flowers. To ensure we have the capacity to be able to process and create your floral keepsake in a timely manner; please book well in advance of your date following the steps below.

Note: The timeline from receiving your fresh flowers to shipping back to you can take 4-5 months.

Online Meeting



Book a reservation for your special date and place a $100 deposit to hold your spot. Date selection should be for the day of your event. The deposit will go toward your order total. Click here to reserve your date now!


Drop Off

Please let us know when you will be able to arrange local drop off of your fresh flowers (Southern Manitoba, Canada). We are not able to accept fresh flowers shipped to us at this time.


If you have pre-dried flowers you would like to have made into a keepsake, please contact us to arrange drop off or shipping (available Canada-wide).

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Drop off



After receiving your fresh flower bouquet at our location, it will be photographed, disassembled and put immediately into the drying process to remove all moisture from the flowers. We use silica gel to dry the flowers to be able to maintain their shape and most of the colour (Note: Select colours do NOT preserve the same shade or will change colours all together).


This process takes up to 4-5 weeks depending on the flowers in your bouquet.

If you are sending pre-dried flowers, we will still put them in silica gel to remove any lingering moisture it may have picked up in the journey to our location. This is a quality control step to ensure the best results for your final keepsake!


Will fresh flowers look the same after drying?




Here's the fun part! At this stage we will contact you to review design layouts and any important details you would like to cover. We will gladly incorporate invitations, photos, programs, and/or other items into your keepsake. We love this interaction with you as it helps us get a better feel how to best create your floral keepsake!


When this is complete, we will send you two possible design layouts to select from for your final piece. The final invoice will be due once the design is selected as well.




When the design layout is finalized we will begin pouring resin over the flowers to create the piece. Depending on the amount of layers required to cover the flowers, this process can take up to 5 weeks. After pouring the resin, we take your keepsake out of the mold and put the finishing touches on it to ensure all surfaces are blemish-free and smooth.



Once your order is completed we will notify you and arrange for your handmade keepsakes to then be shipped back to you or we can set up local drop off!

Finished Floral Keepsake- 7" Hexagon.jpg
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